Privacy Policy

Data storage

The IP addresses of all visitors to this site are automatically identified by the web server.

When visits are made to this Internet site we store:

  • your email address if you submit a contact form
  • the domain name of other websites that you have viewed in order to navigate to our website
  • all information concerning the pages that you have viewed on our website.

That information is used:

  • to improve the content of
  • to count the number of visits to

The information is used only internally and is not passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes.


On this website we use cookies to improve its content and to count the number of visitors. A cookie is a small file sent by a web server that installs itself on your computer’s hard disk.  This file registers the details of the visited website and contains a number of details about the visit.



If you do not wish to receive email about Merema Transport BV in the future, please contact us using the e-mail address

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