International fish transport

Maximum returns with international fish transport

Merema Transport BV has been at home in the international ports along the whole of the North Sea and Baltic coast for over 45 years. Merema specialises in the transport of fresh fish from Denmark and northern Germany, but is also experienced in transport from France and Belgium. The destinations are usually fish markets in the Netherlands.

As an independent haulier we leave you to choose where you sell the fish. In the Netherlands, Belgium or France: Merema Transport takes your fish to the market of your choice. Merema Transport BV can of course advise you on this so that you have all the information you need to make the right choice. Merema Transport is an expert in maintaining the consistent quality of fresh fish. The equipment is specifically fitted out for this purpose, e.g. by giving the trailers thicker partitions for chilled and frozen transport to ensure that your fish is always in the best possible condition when it reaches its destination. Hygiene is an extremely important aspect of this. Merema Transport BV is therefore proud of the cleanliness of its equipment and is one of the few fish transporters to hold the IFS-Logistics certificate. Merema Transport also has the distinction of being the only fish transporter in the Netherlands with the MSC certificate for the transport of fresh MSC fish.

We not only transport large quantities, but also small shipments. Not just because we believe that the smaller suppliers should be able to offer their fish for sale where it generates the highest returns,  but also because our wide range of customers means that we can. All this is done at predetermined and competitive transport rates.

To guarantee efficient loading and unloading, our trailers are equipped with a tailboard, and all of them have smooth floors.

The deep commitment of our personnel, our comprehensive service and our attention to detail ideally positions the company to deliver top quality services. Our people are at home in the world of fishing. They understand your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Merema Transport regards this not as an extra but as a matter of course.

Merema Transport BV leaves you free to concentrate on your fishing. Your fish, on the way to the auction of your choice, is in the best possible hands with Merema Transport. Merema Transport takes care of your product as if it were its own.

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