Temperature controlled transport

Leading the way in conditioned transport

Merema Transport BV traditionally specialises in temperature controlled transport. The trailers Merema Transport uses for its conditioned transport are equipped with chill/freezer units that are able to transport your products at a constant temperature ranging from -25° to +25° Celsius. You can count on our people to provide the right amount of care and attention. Just as you would do it yourself. That is what we stand for. We take over the care that you devote to your products and the requirements you set for them during transport. Merema Transport BV looks after your goods as if they were its own.

Knowledge is power: the temperature of all goods transported at a certain temperature is continuously registered. This check starts as soon as the goods are loaded and continues throughout the entire journey, and during unloading too if required. The records can always be checked subsequently.

Conditioned products included in the food chain are also in safe hands with Merema Transport BV. This process is guaranteed by the fact that Merema Transport holds the IFS-Logistics certificate.

Merema Transport transports goods internationally. The borders have become less distinct, and we regard a number of countries as our normal work area. Our people are at home throughout Europe. But our speciality covers the route Denmark, northern Germany and the Netherlands.

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