Premium transport service

Transport that calls for special care and attention

Merema Transport BV also specialises in the transport of premium quality and luxury consumer products. Products that you as a client designate as needing special care and attention.

To guarantee the safety of your products our equipment is protected with comprehensive security measures. We also make it possible for our clients to monitor their products in real time.

We take this concern out of your and your clients’ hands before, during and after transport. That leaves you free to concentrate on your core business. That’s what it’s all about: each to their own. Our knowledge and expertise in goods transport is based not only on our lengthy history, but also on our vision on the subject of road transport. That involves much more than getting from A to B. Merema Transport treats your goods as if they were its own.

We make the difference you are looking for through the attention we pay to our clients, our comprehensive service, our attention to detail and the commitment of our personnel. And that doesn’t stop at the end of office hours. We are there for you 24 hours a day. Our service is timeless. That is all in keeping with our motto:

‘You take care of your business, we take care of the rest’.

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