Fish transport Holland

Independent specialist in fish transport

Merema Transport BV has been transporting fresh fish since as far back as the early sixties. Your fish is directly unloaded from the ship into the conditioned lorry and taken to the market of your choice. The goods are transported without stop-offs in order to ensure that your fish arrives at its destination in the best possible condition. Merema Transport often transfers the fish to Urk, Europe’s leading fish centre, but also to other fish markets. The choice is yours. Whether you are transporting from Scheveningen, IJmuiden, Den Helder, Harlingen, Lauwersoog, Eemshaven or Delfzijl: our people are at home in all seaports where fishing boats land their catches.

Over the years Merema Transport BV has developed its expertise in maintaining the consistent quality of fresh fish. The equipment is specifically fitted out for this purpose, both for chilled and for frozen transport. This takes the form of thicker partitions compared to those of the average chill/freezer combinations. Another aspect of paramount importance is hygiene. Merema is proud to hold the IFS-Logistics certificate that guarantees food safety and hygiene. Obtaining this certificate did not require Merema Transport to make many changes to its existing approach, which in itself underlines how seriously Merema Transport takes its specialist field. Merema Transport is also a certified haulier for fresh MSC fish. To guarantee efficient loading and unloading, some of our trailers are equipped with a tailboard, and all of them have smooth floors.

But our service goes beyond transport and loading and unloading. Under our motto ‘You stick to fishing, we take care of the rest’ we offer a comprehensive range of complementary services, such as provisioning, the supply of chipped ice and empty crates, the provision of various harbour facilities via a network of local agents, the supply and disposal of parts, maintaining contact with the various fish markets, and so on. We can also arrange to have your ship unloaded by a special unloading crew.

The deep commitment of our personnel, our comprehensive service and our attention to detail ideally positions the company to deliver top quality services. Our people are at home in the world of fishing. They understand your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Merema Transport regards this not as an extra but as a matter of course. That also means treating your product as if it were our own.

You stick to fishing…………………………………….
we take care of the rest.

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