IFS Logistics

The International Food Standard (IFS) was developed in 2003 to raise customer satisfaction and enhance the reliability of food safety.

Like the BRC standard, the IFS is a combination of HACCP, quality management, GMP, customer focus and various layout requirements. The requirements of German, French and Italian retailers are compelling more and more Dutch suppliers to act in conformity with this standard.

IFS-Logistics was launched in 2006. The purpose of the standard is to guarantee food safety and to make it possible to audit the entire stock route. Until that time the storage and transport of products remained the weak link in the chain.

It was for these reasons, as well as the GFSI approval of IFS Logistics, that prompted Merema Transport’s decision to switch from HACCP alone – for which Merema Transport was certified until the end of 2013, to the comprehensive IFS Logistics.

We are proud of the fact that Merema Transport, as a logistics service provider in conditioned transport, has been certified since December 2013 at the highest level: higher level.

IFS Logistics focuses particularly on hygiene and risk management, temperature control, internal management and analysis. Special attention is paid to management responsibilities, the operational implementation of corrective actions and staff training.

Merema Transport’s quality policy is aimed first and foremost at guaranteeing food safety. Working with food calls for a lot of discipline and compliance with procedures and regulations.

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